What is ghosting?

Ghosting typically occurs when an image artifact shows up as a trail of “pixels” behind any moving object. Ghosting generally does not seriously affect the monitor, it usually is annoying when there are heavy graphics involved.

It is usually caused by slow response time of LCD panels, when the image is refreshed, the pixels do not get updated as fast as the refresh rate- leaving a trail of pixels behind.

How to fix HP ghosting?

  1. Ensuring whether it is really ghosting is important, therefore run a monitor ghosting test.
  2. Then, begin by calibrating the touch screen. After calibrating, reinstall the drivers in the on screen menu display.
  3. Configure the touch display (on- screen display) and rollback drivers.
  4. Then, using windows troubleshooting, Power Reset to fix the ghost touch screen issue.

After this, the HP Hardware Diagnostics UEFI will fix the Ghost touch screen!



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